Waiting til it’s warmer… | Orange Photographer

Are you putting off a photo shoot until the weather is warmer? Well, with me you don’t need to as I shoot mostly indoors! In fact, the Winter months can sometimes be BETTER to shoot indoors in, than in Summer, as the trees have lost their leaves and allow more light to come in through windows and glass doors! And light, my friends, is important! Very very important!


Love me some colour! | Photographers in Orange

So, I’ve been trawling the internet of late, seeking out styles and colours I love. Over the next few years, my partner Matt and I will be planning our ‘forever home’. Since we don’t plan to live anywhere else for the rest of our lives, we want to try and make sure we get it right, especially the ‘bones’ of the place. Furniture, home decor, etc can all be replaced/updated but floors, cabinetry, windows, doors, etc are expensive and permanent. I really love some of the architectural styles seen in American homes – high ceilings, traditional wood work (architraves, door panels, etc), window seats and high skirting boards – but it could be hard to find someone local who knows about it and can do a good job! I love the ‘Eclectic’ style – a mix and match of other styles carefully rolled into one. Favourite styles of mine are Scandinavian, Industrial, Vintage and Retro. I have a very hard time settling on one style only, so the Eclectic route is perfect. It’s a fun, colourful, sometimes quirky but always happy style. It also allows couples to incorporate both their styles and to include artwork, furniture and homeware that they each love! Kids artwork also looks great amongst this style.

I really like the colours in these images below and since my photography work is often colourful, I thought it would be a good share and something pretty to look at 🙂

I love how colour can be incorporated into a space by simply painting a door a vibrant colour, or the back face of a book-shelf. It doesn’t have to always be the decor that’s colourful.

I am unsure whether to go for a light coloured floor, made from polished concrete or large porcelain tiles, or a wood floor in the light to medium colour range. Maybe a mix? I absolutely love this chevron-patterned wooden floor below (technically called, herringbone floors). I definitely want warm white walls throughout our home, but I don’t think Matt is too keen on that idea! I think white walls are the perfect ‘background’ for lots of colourful, funky art and homewares.

One thing is for sure, there will be heaps of storage and lots of natural light in the form of large and plentiful doors and windows! Natural light is also a photographer’s best friend! With our house facing South-East, and up on a high block, we will definitely have to look at double or triple glazing for the glass, so that we don’t freeze to death in the middle of an Orange Winter!