Fun in the cot | Orange Photographer

Lazy day at home today (though we are heading out to Pee Wees in Orange shortly)! Amelia woke up while I was busy doing something so I asked Coop if he could go in and play with her til I came in. I took some photos with my phone but quickly realised it was a moment for my ‘good’ camera 🙂

The house they grew up in | Bathurst Documentary Photographer

Recently, I changed the way I shoot. I hung up my ‘Portrait Camera’ about 6 years ago and picked up my ‘Documentary/Lifestyle Camera’ a few months ago. To say I am liking the change would be a massive understatement! I am absolutely loving capturing the stories of individuals and families. I can not see myself ever getting tired or bored of this style of photography when every shoot and story is unique! A week ago I got to hang out with four generations of beautiful, kind ladies. The shoot took place at Great Nan’s house, where she has been living since she was just 4 years old (she is now 80)! The next 3 generations also spent a lot of time in this home, so much so they refer to it as ‘the house they grew up in’. It’s a quaint little house that features many original features including a wood fired oven/stove. I was even shown the spot on the brick wall that had worn away from the constant rubbing of horse’s backsides, back in the day. These ladies often get together and bake, so we decided a scone-baking session was very fitting and representative of them. I just love that the youngest girls will be able to look back on these photos in many years to come and recall the wonderful memories and moments they had with their Mum, Nan and Great Nan. Enjoy! 🙂