Location Scouting – Orange Photographers

Hi again! Yes I’ve gone a little Cooper Crazy lately haven’t I? Well there’s a good reason. Not only do I love capturing my little man (while I have the chance – he starts school next year!) but he’s also been helping me find new and exciting places to shoot. Love this spot below!

What to Wear

Ok, listen up ladies! I have found what I consider to be the best online clothing store, for women, in the history of the internet! If I had an online clothing store, I would make it just like this one! Or would attempt to! It is run by a bunch of passionate women and has detailed, accurate clothing descriptions, honest customer feedback, a huge range of clothing for all tastes and budgets, a pretty website with easy navigation, easy checkout, various payment options… I have actually just placed my first order with them so I can’t comment on the shipping and/or any return processes yet but I have a feeling it will be A-OK. And do you know what else this wonderful website has (which is very applicable to photo shoots)? They have an ‘outfits’ page, which is a huge collection of coordinated outfits already designed for you! They are put together so well! I’m seriously in love with this store! They are so smart to include this feature! Now we just need a kid’s version of this store, oh and a men’s version too! I wonder if they are considering it!? I hope so!

So here it is – Birds Nest. I promise you, you won’t regret it!

ETA: I have found a fantastic online shop for kids clothing! It doesn’t have the outfits feature, like Birds Nest does, but it does have a HUGE range of lovely clothes which are budget friendly. A little ‘test’ for any online kid’s clothing store, for me, is how much they have in the way of pre-teen/teen clothes. My daughter is 8 but very tall and wears a size 12-14. It can be hard for find clothes for her. But Ezibuy has plenty! Big Tick! I have also bought from there before and had no issues whatsoever.


Colour Me Happy – Orange Fashion

Absolutely loving the neon/fluro colours around at the moment! I picked up these gorgeous clothes (mostly for baby Amelia) from the Bonds on line store. I love Bonds! They always have such comfortable, durable and fashionable clothes for wee ones!

Pastel Palette – Baby Photographer

Loving the pastel tones happening in these images of Miss Milly this afternoon. She’s growing up so fast right now! They really do change/grow so rapidly at this stage. She’s not walking yet but I doubt it will be long. Climbing on the other hand…! We’ve had to stow away the smaller kid’s chairs as she will simply climb on top on them, stand up, hang onto the back and rock! This girl sure does get beautiful light in her room!